Press Release / 10.01.2024

Robotic Surgery pioneer Distalmotion partners with Proximie to extend surgical excellence globally

Lausanne, Switzerland, Jan. 10, 2024 – Distalmotion – a pioneer in surgical robotics, is partnering with Proximie, the leading global health technology platform digitizing operating rooms (ORs), to extend its ground-breaking Dexter® robotic surgery platform globally.

The collaboration provides Distalmotion customers with access to Proximie’s healthcare platform, delivering telepresence, content management, and data driven insights. With Proximie, surgeon expertise and OR data can be easily shared from anywhere, generating new insights to help improve patient outcomes and productivity.

Proximie’s advanced platform acts as a powerful tool for Distalmotion, significantly extending the reach of surgeon expertise and experience. With the combination of Distalmotion’s  Dexter® and Proximie systems, this partnership enables the seamless exchange of knowledge and learnings between surgeons, as well being able to exchange information between surgeons and Distalmotion, fostering greater collaboration to deliver the highest quality surgical care.

Greg Roche, CEO of Distalmotion, shared his excitement about the partnership, stating, “Our collaboration with Proximie represents a stride forward in our mission to empower robotic surgery by providing more hospitals, surgeons, and patients access to robotic excellence. By integrating Proximie’s platform, we are creating an ecosystem that enables greater support and innovation, elevating the standard of care.”

Nadine Hachach-Haram, Founder and CEO of Proximie added, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with Distalmotion, as we collaborate to train more surgeons to use the Dexter system – thus improving patient outcomes and surgical productivity. The partnership is another step in our journey of digitising global ORs, enhancing patient care and providing the tools to improve the quality of surgery globally.  We are hugely excited about the potential impact of this partnership and look forward to working with Distalmotion as we provide a valuable solution to increase accessibility to advanced robotic surgeries.”


About Distalmotion

Distalmotion is a medical device company founded in Lausanne, Switzerland with a mission to establish a new standard of care through robotic innovation. It aims to deliver the benefits of robotic surgery to more hospitals, more surgeons, and more patients worldwide. To do so, the company has developed the surgical robot Dexter®. Dexter empowers surgeons by simplifying robotic surgery, delivering excellence, and enabling greater access to best-in-class minimally invasive surgery.

About Proximie

Founded by Dr. Nadine Hachach-Haram, Proximie is a global health technology platform focused on digitizing operating and diagnostic rooms with a mission to deliver a connected surgical platform to help provide quality surgical care around the globe. Every Proximie procedure can be recorded, analysed, and leveraged for future use to help inform best practice.  By connecting operating rooms globally, Proximie is facilitating a rich, insightful data set which naturally feeds best practices into the entire healthcare ecosystem.   Proximie has been deployed in over 800 hospitals across 50 countries in five continents, and has contracts with over 40 major medical device companies – with access to 90 percent of operating rooms and diagnostic suites in the U.K., U.S., and E.U. – and been published in over 20 medical journals.  Proximie is the lead author of a new report on ‘Patient safety in surgery – the urgent need for reform,’ highlighting the challenges affecting patient safety in surgery in the NHS as well as potential solutions to improve patient safety.