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For over 25 years we have been working with exceptional MedTech entrepreneurs to bring medical innovation to patients. The technologies we back improve patient outcomes and save lives.

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About us

415 CAPITAL is a specialist venture capital firm that invests in early- and development-stage MedTech companies in Europe, the United States and Israel.

We primarily invest in innovative medical device technologies addressing cardiovascular disease: the worldwide leading cause of death and the single largest cost driver in the global healthcare system.

We are investors AND entrepreneurs: As investors, we have funded 45 MedTech companies in the past 28 years. As entrepreneurs, we have founded, built, and exited several successful European MedTech distribution companies.

Investment Strategy

Target sector: MedTech

Early & development

Europe, U.S. and Israel

€4–8 million per company


CVD comprises a variety of health disorders affecting the heart and blood vessels of the human body, including coronary heart disease (e.g. heart-attack), congenital or acquired heart defects (e.g. structural heart disease), heart failure, brain stroke, and aortic & peripheral vascular disease. CVD is the single most costly health condition globally, both in terms of its human toll (quality of life impact and annual deaths) and its global economic impact:

  • There are over 420 million people suffering from CVD globally
  • CVD is the worldwide leading cause of death by a wide margin (18 million people in 2015)
  • Each year CVD kills more people under the age of 60 than cancer
    • CVD is the single largest cost driver in the global healthcare system with annual cost of disease exceeding $860 billion (projected to reach $1 trillion by 2030)
    • The rise of CVD prevalence is a secular trend driven by population ageing, population growth, industrialization, and the global obesity epidemic


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